Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Cat Racing for Haworth

Haworth Cat Rescue enjoyed a great day out fundraising at the match between the Keighley Cougars and Hunslet Hawks on Sunday February 22. Some of the closest feline friends of Haworth - the ginger tom in the charity's logo - turned up to support his efforts to raise funds for the construction of a £2million environmentally friendly rehoming Centre in the Aire Valley.

Invited by Freddie Cougar to come along and share in the fun and excitement of match day, one of the cats even took part in a half-time race against Freddie and some of his young Keighley Cougar supporters.

"We really support the work of the Cougars Community Foundation to encourage youngsters to engage in the sport of Rugby as way of keeping fit and learning the rewards of teamwork," said Corinne Moore, campaign manager. "Haworth wants young people to learn about caring, friendship and responsible citizenship through discovering the discipline and rewards of caring for cats so that they will learn to love them and respect the needs of all animals. All the female cats who came along with collection buckets for our In For A Pound campaign thought Freddie was looking very handsome and two of them were lucky enough to have their photo taken with him as a memento of a fantastic day - and another home win for the Cougar team."

The collection raised close to £150 towards the New Centre Appeal.

Meanwhile, the new Facebook Group, In For A Pound for Haworth Cat Rescue, continues to recruit new members.

Donations have been made using Paypal (with 'Gift') to: and paid direct into Yorkshire Bank account 05-05-35 / 17467476

Other donors have sent their cheques/Postal Orders made payable to Haworth Cat Rescue to:

The Farm, Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley, BD22 9AQ

Online donations towards the appeal may also be made through the website or on the charity giving website, BmyCharity

Thank you to all our friends for your support

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

High Fives for In for a Pound Appeal

By doing very little, you can almost single-handedly raise the £2million that Haworth Cat Rescue needs to build a new centre in the Aire Valley.

Simply, donate £1 and recruit 5 of your friends to do exactly the same – i.e. each friend donates £1 and in turn recruits 5 of their own friends to donate £1 and so on and so on.

The strength of the appeal lies not in the single pound that you or any other person donates, but in the ripple effect of spreading the word amongst a huge network of people, thus raising a much bigger amount.

For example, if you decide to donate £5 instead of asking 5 friends, that will be £5 towards our appeal. However, if you ask 5 friends to donate £1, that will be £6 including your £1, plus £25 from their 5 friends, and then £125 from the 5 friends of their friends, and then £625 from the 5 friends of all their 5 friends and so on. By the time the increment has rippled out by 8 times the total could be £488,281 and if it goes as far as 9 times the total could be a staggering £2,441,406. This is based on everyone donating a single £1, so don’t delay, start recruiting today.

You can email five friends, attaching the links below or you can print this page off (from our website) or copy it if you’ve received it as hard copy and send it to five people. Please do this – if you do it will help us towards our target much quicker! If not, it will take us so much longer to reach our goal.

There are lots of ways you can send payment:

  • You can visit our website ( and pay online from the links on our New Centre Appeal pages
  • You can pay online using Paypal selecting the “Gift” option so fees aren’t deducted – our email for Paypal is
  • You can donate cash to us at our centre at Cross Roads
  • You can send a cheque/Postal Order made payable to Haworth Cat Rescue to: The Farm, Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley, BD22 9AQ
  • You can pay direct to our Yorkshire Bank account – 05-05-35/17467476

If you are a UK taxpayer and gift aid your donation, we can claim a further 28p per £1 donated, at no cost to you, enabling us to reach our target even quicker.

Thank you – we are grateful to everyone who asks and to everyone who donates. Let’s prove that every single pound really can make a huge impact.